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Online Learning


Supervised courses are ideal for awaken individuals and require your participation. I can guarantee the result only if you commit to do the work. 


Your Responsibility

By participating in any on-line project, you agreed to the Privacy Policy & Term of Use. Please follow instructions, participate in discussion by submitting assignments, and seek assistance if needed.

Telegram group


Telegram CHANNEL will be your daily tool to pick up an assignment, and Telegram CHAT is for submitting them and asking question, sharing insights and support from the facilitator.

Ask questions

Assistance Options

The group marathon will give you a sufficient amount of support. If you feel that you'd benefit from 1:1 supervision, please choose an option with Victoriya's assistance where you have a personal connection.


My session with Victoria was so enlightening and beautiful. Her essence as a translator through which she was reading my energy and that of my family was so tranquil and grounded she made me feel completely at ease. The process was not rushed or forced and as she intuitively and energetically flowed through our session together many revelations appeared. I found myself after the session really meditating on some of the questions she identified and the insights she read. Since our session completed I have also been able to put together many of the pieces that were left unanswered and reveal even more of my purpose in this life and what is holding me back. Old patterns are difficult to shift but with Victoria’s guidance I have recognized new ones and feel more confident to look at them with a clear lens moving forward. Sometimes energy work and spiritual connection can be difficult to understand and explain but I highly recommend accessing Victoria and letting her gently guide your way.

Sandra Payne, Nurse, BC, Canada

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