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Aug 20, 2024 - Feb 18, 2025

Start a HealthCare Business

  • 183Days
  • 3Steps


This program will give you energetic start and provide all the tool to start the business tomorrow. 4 Zoom meetings plus video presentation and templates. Group placement rules online: 1. It is important not to be late for the alignment! 2. Download the ZOOM program in advance: Download ZOOM (free software) on your phone, tablet or computer signin and sign up if you haven't already (we strongly recommend using a computer) 3. We recommend that you be at the arrangement from a computer, so it will be much more convenient for you. But if this is not possible, then you can participate from your phone / tablet. 4. It is important to connect 30 minutes before the spread to test the functionality of the zoom program! 5. It is necessary to prepare in advance your short question, a request that we will ask you to voice during the sharing, before the start of the arrangement. The request is what you would like to work with in the constellation. For example, I want to increase the cash flow. 6. During the arrangement, we are with the camera turned on. 7. During the constellation, it is important to be included in the process and be up to the end. 8. If you are thrown out of Zoom, then you just calmly go back to the link. Try to login until you succeed. You can also message here and I will help you!





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