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Clean, fresh water for your family


For a traditional kitchen, choose the Below Counter Unit with Designer Polished Chrome Faucet Kit.


  • eSpring 100185, 100188, and 100189 are NSF International Certified to NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, 55, and 401. 
  • Water Quality Association Gold Seal Certified, which ensures product has been constructed from safe materials and claims are backed by test data.
  • Allows beneficial minerals like calcium, magnesium, and fluoride to pass through.
  • Dramatically improves taste, odor, and water clarity.


The U.S. patented carbon-block filter and UV light effectively removes more than 140 potential impurities, and alerts you when it's time for the filter to be replaced—about once a year, or every 5,000 L (1,320 gallons)*.

his unit comes with a Designer Polished Chrome Faucet Kit that can be installed in an auxiliary opening in your sink, such as one for a soap dispenser or sprayer.

  • The Tomlinson® polished chrome faucet features a one-handle, classic design with elegant curves.
  • Designed to complement classic, traditional kitchens and wet bars.
  • Arching spout creates added clearance of 12 inches.

Trademark: Tomlinson (The Meyer Company, Cleveland, Ohio).



The eSpring Help Desk provides information to register your device, as well as find warranty information, how-to videos, device maintenance, repair help and more for your eSpring™ Water Purifier. Plus, contact our dedicated support team for further assistance.



eSpring™ Water Purifiers come standard with a three-year limited warranty. Click here to learn more.

*Actual life of filter depends on usage and water quality.

eSpring™ UV Water Purifier – Below Counter Model with Designer Faucet Kit

  • The UV lamp in the filter cartridge contains mercury. Please dispose of according to local, state, or federal laws.

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