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Holistic Detox




Access for 90 days

About the Course

Course Content

Holistic Detox covers 9 main themes and will take you as much time as you dedicate to it.

The content is well-organized, informative, and engaging.

We’ll go through:

  1. Three main universal laws that applies to your life and your health

  2. The wheel of life and universal language

  3. What levels we consist of: your current life, your ancestors, your karma, different civilizations,

  4. Psychosomatic origin of diseases.

  5. Body & systems

  6. Physical body detox : 7 - 28 days depending on the level

  7. Socials body detox : relationships, cyber, office

  8. Home detox : kitchen, closet, bathroom

  9. Liver Flush by Andres Moritz (optional)


Recommended Products

To be purchased by the start of Detox.

Please note that the products cost is not included in the price of the Course.

I recommend to purchase this set from Coral Club. I personally used these products and can give my positive review on the product quality.

However, if you have a trusted supplement brand recommended to you by your primary healthcare professional, you may absolutely use it. Please ensure to get:

  • A complex of plant-based enzymes along with vitamins A and D to help digestion to reduce potential toxins from being created

  • A strong antioxidant to protect the organism from oxidative stress

  • Mineral rich water for better hydration to supporting the detox process.

  • Phospholipids to protects cell membranes from damage and supports healthy liver function.


Essential Olis recommended for Detox : Sage, Lemon (oral and eternal), Frankincense (oral and eternal), Basil (oral and eternal), Parsley (oral), Peppermint (oral and eternal), other oils by your preference.


You may choose to use the lighter version of Detox products.

These products are recommended for regular use (minimum twice a year) to support your digestion and immune system.

Your Instructor

Victoriya Litargne

Victoriya Litargne
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