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VLHolistic School

The freedom and flexibility to self-paced learning with online supervision. 


Before choosing a course, evaluate your needs and opportunities. Are you ready to practice on your own? Do you need constant teacher support during the lesson? What format fits your should better?

Online Maratons

Online Marathons & Supervised Learning

Interactive step-by-step learning. The main idea of the learning is to form a new habit and achieve results with supervision and support.

Start on a specific date

After payment has been received, an email with instructions on how to join our Telegram channel, chat and upcoming zoom schedule will be sent to your email address.


Tasks are given daily to a few times a week

The marathon program consists of theory and assignments. You can check the correctness of completion, ask questions and receive consultation during weekly zoom meetings. Access to tasks will be open in Telegram or will be emailed to you the night before each day.



Each completed task is a step towards meeting your goal. Zoom meeting recordings are shared in the chat. Marathon materials will be available for 60 days after the end of the marathon.

Upcoming Events

Launching Soon!

Happy Family

Law of Family Hierarchy. 

Clear energetic blocks caused by family energetics, while reprogramming old negative beliefs and resentments.

If you have a wonderful relationship with your parents, you do not feel any resentment, claims or problems of any kind, you do not have negative beliefs and fears passed down from your parents, you are not yet willing or ready to dive into this topic. If you are not ready to say goodbye to grievances and forgive them, then this program will not suit you either, because your inner readiness to reach a new level in your perception of mom and dad is important here.

Coming soon...

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Pharmacy Sign

Start Your Healthcare Business

This course is designed for healthcare workers who are interested into starting their entrepreneurial journey. After completion, you will have everything you need to open your company; understand what is the best options of healthcare businesses for you; know what QI & HR policies you must have in place and how to write those; comprehend basics of marketing & financials for your business. 

3 Modules (SUPERVISED)

Holistic Detox Marathon

Even though out GI tract is the main course of visible toxins, the holistic detox in about not only our physical but also emotional toxins. During the holistic detox we go through all five bodies to achieve toxin eliminations and enhancing the body's detoxification pathways, (especially in the liver.

Starts April 24th, 2023

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Available group sessions in 2023