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Holistic Approach

Holistic approach includes the knowledge of: clinical detoxification, psychosomatics, energy medicine and epigenetic. Such tactic is a ground-breaking methodology to free yourself from the damaging repetitive patterns, behaviours and emotions that are limiting your life in some way today and you have unconsciously taken on from your family system.

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Health Counselling

 Did you know that you have your own set of programs running your life on the subconscious level? 95 % of your life comes from your subconscious programming, and only 5% from your conscious mind.


Your subconscious is the part of your mind which operates without your awareness and over which you do not have active control. These programs are “written” by a combination of limiting beliefs that you inherited from your ancestors, passed down through mirror neuron pathways; the programs that you received when your mother was pregnant with you; and the programs that formed during your early childhood. You weren’t even conscious at that point.

Health is the reflection of your inner world. 

Humans are multidimensional. There are 7 mostly known bodies, they vibrate on different frequencies and interact energetically with psychical world (body) and non-physical world (emotions, spirit). Each inner body’s condition predisposes the state of a more outer body.  

Our aim is to reconstruct ailments on all 7 body level: 


1. Physical body - cells, organs, systems 

2. Essential (etheric or aura) - vital tone, endurance, resistance of the physical body to infections are determined by the energy level of the etheric body.

3. Astral (emotional) - contains all repressed emotions; conscious and unconscious fears and experiences associated with a sense of rejection, loneliness; aggressiveness, lack of self-confidence. 

4. Mental - sphere of thoughts, words, concepts and patterns of behavior. All this together gives a person a “picture of the world”

5. Causal body - our “karma” with all accumulated information that does not disintegrate after physical death, but reincarnates from life to life.

6. Buddhial - it is not only the "author" of the instructions for the constructor of the mental contract. It is also a blocker of the right to change it. Because the buddhial body is a sphere of values ​​and beliefs.

7. Atmanic - for the universe is not the highest, but for the human mind - the designated limit. The space of atman is the space of absolute information, there is no energy in it at all.

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