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Unborn Children
Unborn Children

Thu, Oct 05



Unborn Children

How the energy of unborn children affect your health, your business and you income level. This webinar will give you a perspective on the matter that you never heard before. At the end we all will have a practice that will allow you to unblock trapped emotions.

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Time & Location

Oct 05, 2023, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. PDT


About the Group Session

"UNBORN CHILDREN" (abortions, miscarriges, stillborn children). The session is recommended for anyone who has had this in ther own life or in the family. 

Unborn child words that cause fear and horror. Abortion is forbidden by the church and morality. Miscarrige or having a stillborn is deadly heartbreaking. 

We will not hang labels and give estimates. We will talk about what the death of unborn babies entails in terms of the impact on our lives. A child in the early stages is just a collection of cells, nothing more. Is it so?  What happens after getting rid of them in an unnatural way? ⠀

Effect on a woman: ⠀

🧸 The work of doctors or one's own soul - which is more difficult? It is much easier to physically get rid of the fetus than to erase it from your memory. ⠀

🧸 What does a woman feel after? Relief, lightness, peace? On the contrary: pain, resentment, disappointment, guilt. ⠀

🧸 Psychological problems will also turn into physiological problems: insomnia, apathy, depression, sexual disorders. ⠀

🧸 The decision to "kill" leaves an indelible mark on the psychology of a woman, there is a "betrayal" of her calling to be a mother. ⠀

Influence on the next generation:⠀

🧸 A family is a chain of interconnected links that influence each other, regardless of whether they are alive or dead. ⠀

🧸 Unreasonable feeling of guilt. You may have it if you had siblings that were aborted. That is what brothers / sisters of unborn children will feel all their lives.⠀

🧸 Children who were given life and gave up someone else's place are prone to living life in uncertainty, doubt. All because his place is taken by someone unborn. ⠀

🧸 You may feel an idea that you live someone's life, do everything everywhere and at once, aplly twice as much effort as others.  That's what born brothers and sisters of unborn babies feel. 

Unborm children don't leave without a trace. They stay with us. ⠀ 

Do you feel their influence on you? ⠀

Come to the thematic arrangement "Unborn Children" and throw off the heavy burden.

Important information: Please ensure that you will have a steady access to the internet for the whole duration of the webinar.

The information you’ll learn may give you insights and unblock the trapped emotions. That may make you emotional, you may become sad, angry or start crying. Be gentle to yourself. It is natural to have that reaction.

At the end we’ll have a practical exercise. You’d need a quiet place, and a place to lie down.


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    Unborn Children Practice

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