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FREE week of Holistic Detox

  • 7Days
  • 8Steps


Holistic Detox designed to covers 4 main areas. 1. UNIVERSAL LAWS & HEALTH (included in FREE week) - the Law of Divine Oneness - every thought, action, and event is in some way connected to anything and everything else - the Law of Observer - observing a situation or phenomenon necessarily changes it - the Law of Quantum Observation - we create whatever we observe 2. PHYSICAL BODY: - assessment and evaluation of your toxic load - body & systems. Psychosomatic origin of diseases - physical body detox using the recommended products 3. EMOTIONAL BODY : - relationships, cyber detox, office - foundations of family hierarchy - sub-personalities 4. SOCIAL BODY : - your home as a part of your social body - decluttering therapy - foundation of energy flow in your home Course structure: 1) Request to Join the Program You will receive further instructions: INDICATIONS & CONTRAINDICATIONS, SUPPLEMENTS LIST. 2) Check your category We do NOT recommend any diet modification for individuals with an acute stage of any disease. You can still follow all the steps of energetic cleanse and gentle detoxification with enzymes and antioxidants. 3) Get supplements I recommend the set from Coral Club. The list is available after registration. 3) Pay to start. The full access will be granted: 28 days instructions & access to Holistic Detox support group. 4) All material and Telegram group support are available for 90 days. Request to join to read the full Disclaimer.

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