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I'm Victoriya

My 10-year search of the best systems to know oneself, take care of the body and heal the psyche have lead to the discovery of my own formula for health. I have gone through it myself and would like to share my step-by-step guide with you.

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My Holistic

You are an energetic being. This energy comes from your ancestors. Same as your psychical appearance, you inherit your family systemic patterns. Lifestyle changes are just important catalysts in the process of restoring this energy.

Work 1 : 1 with Victoriya

Holistic Nursing

My approach is designed by combining several methods such as counselling, clinical detoxification, play therapy, EFT (emotional freedom technique) and systemic family constellation.  It aims to reveal your unfelt and blocked emotions that are at the core of most of our body’s imbalances. The goal is to complete  your existing treatment plan for the best and sustainable healing result. 

Home Care & Support 

If someone needs healthcare services, the most healing environment is a person's home. We can deliver any kind of care to you; and therefore, simplify your life & minimize your visits to the healthcare facilities. In other words, we act as a liaison party between YOU and YOUR existing healthcare team. Our focus is on your physical and emotional care, and mental state of calmness or tranquility.

Quality Assurance

You business is the same organism as your body. It must be built and function with the respect to a specific structure that is optimal for its success and prosperity, and follow systemic laws. If you are struggling to pinpoint performance gaps in your organization, book a business session analysis, and consider quality designed education for your organization. 

Detox with a Nurse

Flower Portrait

What if your external is just a reflection of what is occurring inside of you internally?

We have been ignoring the internal and blaming the external, fighting with the external, trying to fix the consequences. But what is actually needed of us is to turn your attention inside, deeper and deeper. What do we not want to see? What do we not like to feel? What are we ignoring? What are we ashamed of? And can you start getting to know those rejected parts of yourself, allowing to feel them all, and eventually accept them fully and forgiving yourself.

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Home Care & Caregivers

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You deserve to heal at home

A holistic nursing uses an integrated (holistic) approach to health care that treats the “whole” person, not simply symptoms and disease. In essence, it is a HealthCare professional who conducts and manages your journey through the healthcare system environment and helps you to overcome barriers to optimal care.

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HealthCare Entrepreneurship 

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A business can be unhealthy, just like a person, and can be healed with a similar approach

Your business, existing or the future one, also has the energetic body that can be sensed in the quantum field. Your business need to be nourished and cherished same way to treat your loving one. Otherwise, expecting high results simply not reasonable.

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