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are the language of your

Your Body

5 reasons to chose us


Comprehensive Nursing Assessment

  • 5 step nursing process


Holistic Approach

  • psychical

  • emotional

  • socio-economic


Health & Psychology

  • Counselling  is within the scope of nursing


Regulated Services 

  • Nurses are registered with BCCNM.


Variety of Services

  • Subscription $

  • Packages      $$

  • Individual    $$$

Our Holistic

We provide holistic healthcare services to individuals in the comfort of their own homes, accompanying you at every stage of your wellness journey. We are committed to meeting you exactly where you are, providing comprehensive healthcare services tailored to your individual needs and circumstances.

Our services

Work format 

  • Telehealth / In person (BC Canada)


Nursing Assessment & Personalized Care Plan

  • Monthly subscription from $133.00 (CAD) per month 

  • Opportunity to work individually or in groups

More info:

Holistic Detox & Counselling 

Flower Portrait

What is it about? 

  • Clinical detoxification including Physical and Energetic bodies

  • Post chemotherapy detoxification

  • Chronic fatigue syndrom

  • Stress management & unblocking suppressed emotions 

  • Holistic Care Planning, Goal setting, forming new neurone pathways 

  • Addiction in remission 

  • Cancer in remission 

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Holistic Home Care 

Senior Couple Undergoing Examination

Receiving care at your own home

A holistic nursing uses an integrated (holistic) approach to health care that treats the “whole” person, not simply symptoms and disease. In essence, it is a HealthCare professional who conducts and manages your journey through the healthcare system environment and helps you to overcome barriers to optimal care.

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Businesses heaLTH


Your business is a live organism

Your business, existing or the future one, also has the energetic body that can be sensed in the quantum field. Your business need to be nourished and cherished same way to treat your loving one. Otherwise, expecting high results simply not reasonable.

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On-line learning 


Book your spot and use an opportunity of a Q&A after the presentation  

Supervised Programs

Supervised Online Courses that start at the specific date 

Recorded courses

Take at the convenient time for you and at your own speed 

  • Nursing consultation with Victoriya Litargne, RN (Zoom)

    30 min


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